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First sheep head of the season!

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That's the problem with "common names", they are commonly used to refer to different types of mushrooms. Some people around here do use the name sheep's head to refer to Grifola frondosa (hen), Sparassis species (cauliflower), and probably also Meripilus sumstinei (black staining polypore).

That's a real nice Sparassis, SHR. I rarely find these. But some local folks know spots where they grow almost every year. Spaghetti sauce sounds like a real good option for this mushroom. I have been wanting to find one and then prepare as per an Italian tripe recipe.

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Yes I remember years ago learning this was a cauliflower mushroom! We call them sheepshead around here in my area This is all that grows at this location. They grow every year here at this spot. Although I never did realize they were less common I guess that makes the spot even more of a honey hole! Thanks for all the input! Learning lots from people on here.

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