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A Leccinium, a Tylopilus and an unidentified gilled mushroom walk into a bar


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I see scabers on one of the boletes and the other looks a lot like some of the local Tylopilus species except that the stem is remarkably gracile. The gilled mushroom is a puzzler, though. Very thick puffy white flesh, almost bolete-like, and widely spaced gills.

All in pine heavy woods in Raleigh NC.



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I also suspect you have a Russula, the cap looks too solid brown for the Russula compacta from my area though I assume it is hefty Russula similar to it?

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The one bolete looks like a Leccinum to me, and the other a Tyloplils. Species ID difficult in each case. Is the Tylopilus bitter-tasting?

Gilled mushroom may be a species of either Lactarius or Russula. I don 't recognize it. Sometimes a Lactarius mushroom may have so little latex that you need to search to observe it. One way to explore is to gently push your finger or a piece of paper against the cut flesh and then look for any signs of moisture on the finger/paper. But I agree with you Chefs. This looks more like a Russula, and possibly a species from section Compactae.

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