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How to Send Samples Via the Mail?

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So I have some full-bodied and mature pieces of Ganoderma tsugae and I need to send them to a Professor on the opposite side of the country (I'm in the Northeast and he's in the Southeast). Not having done this before I have a few questions which after looking up a few sources online I've found have conflicting answers.

Keep in mind the samples are needed alive so they can't be dried out for preservation.

Should the samples be washed clean or not? I figure washing them can remove foreign material with bacterial inhabitants yet making the mushroom wet could make it more susceptible to bacterial infestation.

Should they be packaged in airtight plastic bags (like Ziploc) or left out? I figure the sealed environment would protect from contamination yet also allow moisture to condense favoring bacteria.

Any other advise would be deeply appreciated.

Also keep in mind though the samples I have are already harvested and sitting waiting for at least a day before I ship them (I plan to use two day shipping) I found three sets of it and only harvested a few large, specimens from one set that looked like it was done growing. If need be I can go back and harvest more including those I found that were small and mostly made of new growth which in a week will be large and have barely any new growth.

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I would not wash them. Wetness promotes rotting.

And I would not use a plastic/sealed bag. Mushrooms that can't "breathe" tend to rot quickly.

I would put them into a paper bag, and then into a cardboard box.

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