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yellow cluster with decurrent gills

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Found these this evening on a dead log. There were several clusters, some older and some younger. Yellow surface of caps, white gills, white flesh. Gills decurrent. Smell is somewhat fruity, and fairly strong. The closest lookalike I've found is yellow oysters, which are apparently not an option for this hemisphere. Any more reasonable suggestions? Doing a sporeprint now, expecting white/cream. I will take more pictures of underside tomorrow, unable to load the ones I have for some reason...



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These look like Yellow Oysters to me (Pleurotus citrinopileatus or P. cornucopiae). As you say pumplinpen, this species is not native to NA. But I have seen a few reports of people finding them in natural settings in eastern NA (I think one or two posted on this website). Grow kits for this type of mushroom are sold, and it seems likely to me that the species may have caught on as a naturalized type in NA.

That's a beautiful collection, nicely photographed. Problems loading photos may be a function of file size.

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 You haven’t provided a lot of the necessary information to make a confident ID proposal……you can compare to Leucocoprinus birnbaumii which is a common potted plant mushroom, which is poisonous to people and pets, but won’t hurt your palm….

Again, just a guess without more info…

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