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At your local California State National Park

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Did some primitive camping out in Northern California nearby a national park. We didn't find that many morels, even so, someone did tell me not to disclose where I found them. But here's the photos of what we found over this past weekend 5/22/2016.











I wonder if some of these other mushrooms were edible or not.

We just ate the morels! They were the best mushrooms we've ever had!

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Looks like you had a fun trip. The first three photos look like Amanita velosa. The eighth photo may be Flammulina velutipes or Flammulina populicola. The ninth photo may be Coprinellus micaceus. These are just a guess based on limited information. Also be aware that the first three could also be Amanita phalloides (death cap).

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As John says, first 3 photos could be Amanita velosa, or they could be Amanita vernicoccora. They are both edible, but not recommended as either could be confused with Amanita ocreata (destroying angel) which is deadly poisonous. Do not eat!!!

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