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Southwest Florida mushrooms


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These two mushrooms were growing at the end of December in Fort Myers in my backyard...during the real warm humid spell ... can the diminutive colorful one be boletus rubellus var. Fraturnus? Other one need help. Surprised to see such conditions for growth at this time in florida. Was definately not a dry season this year!




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First the bolete with the reddish cap. Choose one name from each of the following lists. Genus: Boletus, Xerocomellus, Hortiboletus; species: campestris, fraternus, rubellus, subfraternus, harrisonii. Any of the resulting 15 Latin binomials could be a name for this mushroom during the past 10 years, and this does not count the varieties of species that some mycologists have applied! To say there has been confusion regarding these smallish red/yellow boletes would be quite the understatement. So the name you found sue, Boletus rubellus var. fraternus, is potentially applicable. There should be some light blue bruising/staining on the pores and/or cut flesh.

The one with white gills is a Russula. Species designation is usually a guessing-game with Russula, unless you have access to Meltzer's reagent, a 1000-power microscope, and descriptions of subtle micro-characters like the size and specific arrangement of amyloid warts on the spores. I think R. gracilis and R. fragilis are two (among probably many) possibile species names for this one. Don't put too much stock in the cap color; these two species (and many others) occur with a wide variety of cap colors.

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I have photographed the same boletes in Sarasota and the closest I could get was rubellus var. fraternus but as was brought up to me, rubellus is a European name and most likely is not found here. I think that is as close as you will get with that one. A lot of work needs to be done on these FL boletes.

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I am very curious as to what kind of mushroom this is. I live in SW FL and I have been seeing these in my garden. They have been growing in my sweet mint. Did some looking but haven't been able to see any that look like it




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