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I think this is a species of Exidia, possibly Exidia recisa.


The thin flesh of Auricularia americana (North American Tree Ear) is a little firmer than Exidia. The upper/lower surfaces of Auricularia are differently textured, but the "lobes" of Exidia (when it forms individual/discernable fruit bodies) are more-or-less uniformely textured. Also, Exidia flesh tends to be softer than Auricualria.

Exidia recisa.


Auricularia americana, upper/lower surfaces.



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Agree. In addition, if you dry the tree ear, then the lower surface becomes rougher, a bit like sandpaper while the upper surface is smoother... Color then become clearly different (black on top, greyish underneatrh)


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Do you mean the edibility of Exidia? Not much info on these types, and I haven't tried any of them.

As for the American Wood Ear, it's edible and similar to A. auricula. Best dried and reconstituted for use in stir-fries. Not a lot of flavor, but nice crunchy texture.

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