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Reishi? Help!


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Greetings, I'm new to this site and and farely new to mushroom foraging (but definitely hooked!).

I found these in late October on the north side of an old Honey Locust in Chicago. I've found Reishi in the past up in Michigan but always on dead hemlock. There were six to seven specimens ranging from 3 - 6 inches across on the north side of the tree. Flesh was light brown. Appreciate any help in identifying!




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This looks like a varnished Ganoderma species to me, but not G. tsugae which is the type that typically grows on hemlock wood. I think these may be G. sessile. i believe this is a synonym for G. resinaceum.

I do not know if tonics/teas/tinctures made from G. sessile have similar properties to those made from G. tsugae, G. lucidum, or G. curtisii.

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I'm in agreement with Dave over G.Sessile. I believe G.Sessile, Tsugae, and Lucidum are all considered to have fairly relative medicinal properties and purpose. I honestly don't know much about curtsii but I'd assume that's lumped in with that category as well.

I personally believe G.Applanatum to be the superior medicinal ganoderma, however.

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G. curtisii is the name currently used for at least some of the NA Varnish Shelves that had been previously called G. lucidum. I have been told that the name lucidum may not actually apply to any NA material. The ones seen below were IDed by someone on Mushroom Observer who appears to be quite knowledgeable about genus Ganoderma. They were found on a maple stump.




Brian, what are your reasons for considering G. applanatum as the best source of Reishi? This is the first time I've heard a recommendation for its use as such.

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