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Hey folks....long time no type.

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Hey everyone. Hope everyone's winter was safe and productive. Mine got a little hectic.....especially at the end.

Haven't gotten out too much. Haven't found that much. Couple of good finds. Ramaria Largentii, Suillus Granulatus, handful of Chromefooted Boletes, nice flush of Reishi, and actually a crap load of Porcini. Also found one nice Chicken of the Woods, think I'm a bit over that one for a while.

Won't be able to be as mycologically active this season, but I hope to be able to stop by now and again. Good luck to all this season. Hoping for lots of rain and tons of mushrooms for all.





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YES!!!!!!!!! How awesome are they this year? It's been more like harvesting than hunting these bad boys and girls.

Someone drove by and saw me picking yesterday.....I told them the mushroom was poisonous to animals so I was removing it for safety. I'm bad.

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I have a feeling this is a going to be a good year this year.

Did you have a good winter? And what ever came about with that flamingo looking mini chanterelle you came across last year? That mushroom crossed my mind several times throughout the winter. That and my absurd fascination with the endangered melanoxaros kept me content throughout the winter. I'd like to get my hands on some of the rare chanterelle species. I'm confident I can colonize the mycelium........consistent fruiting is still a bit of a mystery however.

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Where are you at 4rum? Hopefully things will pick up.......the best part of the season is just about to start, so fingers crossed.

Managed one stop, small but welcome addition to the cupboard. Will utilize these fresh tomorrow, hopefully I can snag a few more decent ones in the morning. Might even get up early and do a full fledged hike.

They're much better than they actually look. Just need to be cleaned up.


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There's hemlock, spruce, oak, and a few alders scattered about. The mushrooms grow in closer proximity to the hemlock and spruce than the oak. The alders doubtfully have much to do with this situation. The oaks are the oldest trees, so they still may have further reaching roots and these could be tied into these trees.

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Oh.....the hemlock is boring eastern hemlock, the spruce is i dunno...spruce....and the oaks are actually red oak versus the more common white oak that dominates where I live.

I don't know anything specific about the alders or alders in general.

Are you curious about the lack of reddish/brown colorization in the stem reticulation too?

Do pinophillus grow with spruce and other conifers/needle bearing trees or just pine trees?

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White stems are common on my edulis collections.

It's my understanding that the name "pinophilus" has been incorrectly applied in the NA big bolete book. B. pinophilus is a European species. But there is a reddish-brown King Bolete that looks like subcaerulescens but does not stain blue. My current opinion is these are just subcaerulescens that dosn't stain. I think this is the same species that BRB calls pinophilus. Mainly a pine associate, but reported with other conifers. I have found blue-staining subcaerulescens with hemlock.

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Good to know/think about. This last group definitely has a significant flavor/odor difference. It has a similar, yet much duller odor as the regular edulis. It also lacks that kind of sweet smell. As far as taste goes, it's similar, again less robust and lacks the sweetness.....maybe a little less "eggy" tasting too. The remainder will end up in the "various dried bolete" jar.


Found these this morning. They're a little dry and slightly sluggish. Hoping for a few more, but time will be against me starting tomorrow.

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