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Early edulis

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After morels and the springtime oysters disappear, the first really good edible to appear in my neck of the woods is often Boletus edulis. Usually, I start looking during the last week of June. But things have started early this year... probably as a result of the very warm May, combined with the recent ample rainfall. I basically missed the first flush this year! Looks like they got started around two weeks ago. Last Sunday I found a few fresh ones among the old rotten ones. In hot/humid/wet weather like we've had recently, they don't last very long before the bugs destroy them. But I still managed to get some nice ones yesterday. I think the early Boletus edulis will keep coming for about another week.




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It's the most consistent thing going up here. It's been going for almost 4 weeks now. After today's rain, I expect to find even more tomorrow.

Prior to last year, I had never seen it growing around my immediate location, where I'm generally able to hunt.

I'll be looking forward to it's fall time return, that's for sure.

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I've never really picked many boletes, but I found a few the other day while harvesting my first chants of the year. I'm going to give them a try finally. Not sure what types they are, but none are bitter. When I got home My daughter surprised me with a large black staining polypore and some yellow foot chants. It's hard to tell, but the boletes in there center are a deep purple color.



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Evan, are you certain the one with the deep purple stalk isn't bitter? Looks like one of the bitter Tylopilus to me. The others look like Boletus separans... a very good edible, especially when sliced/dehydrated and then reconstituted for use in a soup or sauce. But often they are infested with insects. I got some nice ones last week. There should be more on the way.


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I tasted it tonight and it does have a slightly bitter flavor. Not as much as others I have tasted, but enough that I tossed them. I will try to get out some more this weekend for more chants and boletes. I hope we have a good run of chants this year so I can try some of the recipes that Mary has been posting.

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