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"Lawn Mushroom"? ID?


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I was walking through my farm in rural central Iowa when I began to notice all of these tiny brown heads poking through my lawn. I do have livestock on the farm but they are about 50 yards away. as I looked at the majority of mushrooms. They all had the very same characteristics; long thin tubular brown stem with no veils or twists. small brown cap with dark gills that left a dark brown spore print. The stem showed no signs of bruising when damaged. I assume these are just the common "lawn mushroom".

The mushroom that caught my attention was this fella. growing among the previously described was this mushroom. It is larger, about double the size of the others. It has a much more stout stalk that has some distinct twists. It has a staggered gill structure meaning that every other gill stopped half way across the cap and the others went all the way in to the stem. The spore print was a dark brown.



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Panaeolina foenisecii is a very common lawn mushroom... lots here in PA right now. Cap color varies with moisture content --a feature called "hygrophanous". I just so happened to photograph some yesterday. First photo just after a brief shower. Second batch was photographed about 90 minutes later. Both photos show the same species.



Panaeolus mushrooms can be quite similar, but the spore print for these types is pure black. So your dark brown spore print pretty much nails it, twankburger. Often the print color is described as "dark purple brown."

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