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Help! Identifying Wild Mushrooms from TN.

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Hello friends,

I have two more mushrooms that are in need of identification!

MUSHROOM 1: I found this mushroom growing on a tree that almost seemed to be dead. I could not see any leaves growing from the tree besides leaves from the vines that were entangled around its trunk. I found it on June 4th in a wetland forest in Tennessee. This mushroom is squishy and easy to cut. The fungi was out of my reach, and I had to use a tool to cut it down. It is a bright white color and it seemed to resemble a crystal. It has pore tubes on the bottom side. This mushroom was growing by itself. Pictures are labeled as "Squishy.

MUSHROOM 2: I found this mushroom on campus. It is brown and has a conical shaped cap. There were a couple clustered together and growing in one group. This one has gills and its cap is dark in the center and then there is a gradient fading out until it is a light brown at the edges. This one was growing near a tree but on soil. Pictures are labeled as "Brown cent".


Your friend Shroomguy :planedance:







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First one, I think it's Tyromyces chioneus (White Cheese Mushroom).

Second one looks like a Psathyrella.

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