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Hello fellow mushroom hunter,

I need some helping identifying the following four mushrooms that I found in the Tennessean wild (wetland/forest) in the summer time.

Mushroom 1: very small (2-4 cm)white mushroom, grows on decaying wood.

Pictures of this mushroom are an attachment labeled as "finger"...

Mushroom 2: also small, and grows on decaying wood. lines coming out of center of mushroom.

Pictures of this mushroom are an attachment labeled as "white tree"...

Please comment if you know what this is! I can supply more information if needed, except I cannot get spore prints.











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BTW, the first 4 pictures are of mushroom 1. Then the last 2 pictures are of mushroom 2. Thanks



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My guess for mushroom #1 is a species of Crepidotus. If this is correct, then the spore print is brown. But without spore color info there are a few pale-spored types that should also be considered.

I think mushroom #2 is Schizophyllum commune. But the picture is a bit out of focus, so some traits I'd like to see --like whether the upper cap surface is hairy-- are difficult to ascertain.

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