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What is the Facebook Group?


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Oh, thanks for bringing that up. I completely forgot about the link here to the facebook group. I've had to make that group secret since it was getting out of control with too many members. So, now what I have to do in order to add anyone to the group, is to have them friend me temporarily and I add them, then unfriend. My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/ladyflyfsh

Last fall I was getting between 50-100 people asking to join almost daily and it got out of control. I like keeping the group smaller as the quality of the members is so much better. So, now the only way you can be added is to be added by someone who is already a member and you have to be their friend when they add you. Sorry if this sounds complicated. The problem is, once you change the group settings to closed or secret, you can never reverse that. Send me a message telling me your facebook name and I will add you.

~ Mary Smiley - your Admin

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