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December finds


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I went to two different parks this past Saturday, looking for some edibles...or non-edibles...anything really. I was surprised to find almost nothing, after all it rained here last week...I guess mid-30's and low 40's is just too cold. What I found is shown below - I do not know what they are. Any ideas?

Also attached are, tree hollow, something lives there, methinks...and a clever can holder, forest style (I wish people didn't litter though)






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First two photos are Panellus stipticus. This wood-dweller may be found throughout the winter. The fruit bodies persist through repeated freezing/thawing/drying /rehydration. Young fresh specimens are said to bioluminesce, although I have not seen this. My experience with Jack o'lantern suggests that viewing in a completely dark room is necessary.

Need to see the undersides of those shelf mushrooms to get a better idea.

Fourth photo features material from the Kingdom of Beverages. Red tab on the cap seems distinctive; need to see the lateral ornamentation in order to propose a brand. Likely associated with Homo sapiens var. lazycheapbeerguzzler. I'll often carry out a can or two left behind by someone who apparently found it too difficult to do so.

Heart Shaped Hole... Heart Like a Hole... There's a song in there somewhere.

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Haha, thanks Dave.

I'll try to go back and get the underside of the shelf mushroom, it's a short walk, definitely worth learning whatever is available.

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