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Gulf States Mycological Society Winter Foray - Crawfordville, FL

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I was just up in the panhandle of FL this past weekend for the GSMS winter foray. It was dry, which was surprising given they had had about 4 days of rain a week or so ago. We still managed to find some cool stuff though. Here are some photos I shot of fungi I found this weekend. I will have to do it in multiply posts to get them all in there.

post-1-0-20299300-1418051267_thumb.jpg Amanita muscaria var. persicina post-1-0-97104200-1418051328_thumb.jpg Gymnopilus sp.

post-1-0-42493400-1418051279_thumb.jpg post-1-0-85031400-1418051287_thumb.jpg Clitocybe nuda (blewits)

post-1-0-20908500-1418051298_thumb.jpg Baeospora myosura post-1-0-45958700-1418051310_thumb.jpg Amanita sp. and very cool lichen

post-1-0-84348700-1418051320_thumb.jpg Amanita citrina post-1-0-57809000-1418051541_thumb.jpg Tricholoma sp. (Alan Bessette is working on species)

post-1-0-06716200-1418051349_thumb.jpg post-1-0-11802600-1418051357_thumb.jpg This is Phycomyces blakesleeanus

Tom Volk tells a funny story of how this got its name. I will quote directly from him., Tom Volk Blakeslee discovered hormones (pheromones) in zygomycetes-- aerial chemicals that attract individuals to each other for sexual purposes. Burgeff was another later mycologist who for some reason hated Blakeslee. So Burgeff named his new fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus to "honor" him. Be sure to Say it out loud.

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Some more:

post-1-0-42111700-1418052076_thumb.jpg Lycoperdon pearlatum post-1-0-00723000-1418052082_thumb.jpg sporulating puffball

post-1-0-64141100-1418052096_thumb.jpg Pluteus sp. post-1-0-47517000-1418052126_thumb.jpg Spongipellis pachydon

post-1-0-47531700-1418052114_thumb.jpg post-1-0-88318300-1418052122_thumb.jpg Shoe-lace rhizomorph most likely from Armillaria mellea

post-1-0-86529100-1418052303_thumb.jpg post-1-0-74896800-1418052311_thumb.jpg Stereum ostrea

post-1-0-28025300-1418052435_thumb.jpg Hericium erinaceus post-1-0-74871200-1418052459_thumb.jpg Pleurotus ostreatus

post-1-0-83686800-1418052593_thumb.jpg Christmas lichen Cryptothecia rubrocincta post-1-0-32587400-1418052613_thumb.jpg Xylaria longipes

post-1-0-59490700-1418052442_thumb.jpg post-1-0-20619700-1418052451_thumb.jpg Walking Stick (bug)

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Thanks everyone. It has been a slow year for mushrooms for me. Hopefully next season will be better. I am heading to CA in a month for SOMA Camp and hope to find lots of black trumpets and candy caps to bring home. CA is finally getting much needed rain and are having the best mushroom season EVER!

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John, Sonoma County Mycological Association is a myco club in Sonoma County, CA (Santa Rosa). Every year they hold what they call SOMA Camp and invite guest lecturers to come. They do all kinds of fun demonstrations, like dying with mushrooms, lots of cooking, drinking and eating, forays, growing mushrooms, you name it. It is kind of a who's who of the mushroom world and the wine, food and cheeses are to die for. I've said I was going to go to this for several years now and finally decided this was the year. In one month I will hopefully be picking black trumpets and candy caps in Sonoma County! Anyone can attend if you sign up fast enough, it sells out every year. It also costs $$ but that doesn't seem to stop anyone, it is one of the most fun events of the year and a great way to kick the new year off.

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