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Piptoporus Betulinus and...?


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Ventured out to the woods on Friday in search of oysters, but found none. Instead, found some P. Betulinus (I think) and others that I can't ID, which is described below.

Flesh thin, mostly pores, very flexible, hard to break, grew on a birch log, pore color is interesting, changing color at different angle of light hitting it.








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Yup, Birch Polypore, Piptoporus betulinus. McIlvaine said it was edible and tender when young. I fried some once. Bitter, not at all enjoyable.

Other polypores with the larger pores are probably Trametes elegans. Pores with variable shape, including maze-like, and expanding in age.

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Yeah it seemed kinda tough to eat so I didn't even try.

the second fungus matches the description of T. elegans well on mushroomexpert, except that pore surface is described as whitish, and these ones are olivaceaous or yellow brown...maybe they get darker with age

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