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I assume this is one of Ganoderma species? Is it useful for anything? It's quite porous and spongy inside, can it be used for fire starting like chaga? I couldn't get a spore print, none were visible. Not sure what tree it grew on, but I think it's some kind of oak. Smells unpleasant.





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I think these are an example of Ischnoderma resinosum, the Resin Polypore. Soft and sometimes exuding "resin" when young, it becomes hard/tough in age. I have no info on its edibility. I run across lots of this every fall, but I have not ever tried eating it.


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Dave, Is that common that the edge is different color? On most of photos of Ischnoderma at mushroomexpert link, the edges are white and the ones I found have dark edges on both young and older specimen.

I wouldn't eat it, it has chemical smell and texture of cork.

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Possibly caused by freezing and drying. I find it interesting how long wood growing species can be around. I have been watching a hericium and a laetiporus for a month now and they still are moist. The hericium actually seemed to have grown even more after recent rains.

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From the Mushroom Expert account of I. resinosum, "Pore Surface: When young whitish, soft, promptly bruising brown." This would seem to imply that darkening of the pores requires the application of pressure/injury. But like John said, environmental/atmospheric conditions may hasten a staining reaction. Actually, if you look at the Mushroom Expert photos, the last two show under-developed specimens which show a fair amount of brown. The ones in your photo, eat-bolete, may be older than you think. I. resinosum is one of many types of polypores that develop slowly.

I'm not completely confident about these representing I. resinosum. But, I am more confident they are not a type of Ganoderma.

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