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Oysters Also?


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Looked a good bit online. These appear to be oyster mushrooms. The first two photos are a clump on a small, dead Tree of Paradise. I'd found oyster? mushrooms on it a few weeks ago and went back to check it. This is a new cluster.



These next clusters were all on one small, dead elm.







Past their prime, but I bagged 'em an' put 'em in the fridge. If folks here agree that they are, indeed oysters (elm oyster's?) I'm going to eat 'em anyway.

Spores appear to be gray ... maaaaaybe a slight lilac tint, but to my eye, definitely gray.

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Like you say, 'rum, a bit dry. But still lookin' very nice! Light smoky-gray spore print with a hint of lilac is typical for Pleurotus. I'd use these in a soup to hydrate them back to life. One thing I like to make with Oysters is a white soup which also features scallops and/or shrimp. I make a white-sauce out of roux and milk and add to chicken stock or shrimp stock base. Or, you may cook up a totally milk-based soup in a double-boiler. Saute the mushrooms with onions first. They tear apart along the grain and the strips have an oyster-like texture.

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Sounds good. I often make a white sauce then tear up a couple of slices of cheddar and melt in. If you stir it in it will completely melt, give the sauce a beautiful color and texture... so smooth and velvety that you'll love it. I'll do that with these as they are, as we agree a bit dehydrated. The other cluster on the Tree of Paradise was fresher but I didn't harvest those. I may go back and either get them or see there are more fresher still. Thank you for the great tips on preparation... YUM! :)

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Nikon D5100 with a Nikkor 18-300 AF lens.

Being cold weather these were super clean, no bugs. I had them for dinner last night. SOOOOO good! Soaked 'em a little, shook 'em in some flour and browned them in butter with salt and pepper. Had them as a side to some venison strip steak smothered in onions. Made a great dinner!

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