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These are my first oysters (I hope it's not something else), please let me know if it's them and what else it can be, which I should look out for.

cap feells rubbery, flesh thick, smells very faintly but good, found them on black birch, please see the last photo for accurate color of cap and gills in natural light.






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yes I found them frozen actually, but i guess the freeze thaw cycle just started, they still look and feel fresh. Is there a problem eating them if they froze/thawed a few times?

spore print is lilac gray

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Those look really nice, should be perfectly good to eat... as long as they don't sit around for too long. Frozen/thawed mushrooms tend to have a short shelf-life. Nice find! A versatile edible mushroom, great in soups, stir-fries, or cheesy casseroles. Lilac-gray is a typical print color for Pleurotus.

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eat-bolete, mine were just past prime but still cut and pinched apart ok. I soaked them just a bit in salt water. Since they were wet from that, I shook them in a bag with flour and browned them in butter with just salt and pepper. Really, really good.

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I've only recently started harvesting Oysters. So far I've found them on Ash, Elm, Tree of Paradise and most often on Poplar. We've just come through a cold snap then very hard, warm rain. Oysters are coming out and having really good results. A few years ago there was a derecho (strong straight wall winds comparable to a tornado) that moved through this area. There is prime mushroom timber on the ground everywhere you look. Lots of black oak for the Chicken of the Woods too.

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