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Mushroom I.D please


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Found these (images attached) growing on the edge of my lawn, in the county of Cheshire, UK. It's probably common but i can't seem to identify it, so need some help thanks.

Would attempt a spore print but i don't want to disturb it.

All images are of the same species i believe. Is the specimen in IMG_269 in an early stage?

Largest has a span of 21.50 cm with a stem of ~8.50 cm, with others that i could easily measure having spans of 9.00,9.00,11.50 and 11.00 centimetres respectively.







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The mushrooms represent a species of Armillaria, Honey Mushrooms. These are post-mature specimens.

Most filed guides list Armillaria species as "edible with caution." Some people are sickened by them, suffering a very unpleasant flu-like reaction. Long thorough cooking is recommended. I always par-boil my Honey Mushrooms for several minutes, drain the water, and then saute/stew additionally. Another suggestion is to sample a small amount at first.

The ones seen in the photos are not prime eating material. Younger specimens will show a white cottony covering over the gills (partial veil) which forms a ring on the stalk as the cap expands. Some dangerously poisonous Amanitas also feature a partial veil/ring. For the purpose of identification, a few specimens should be harvested (including the base of the stalk), photographed outdoors (not in direct sunlight), and used to obtain a spore print on both white and black surfaces/paper.

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Agree with Dave, Armillaria, possibly Ostoyae or Mellea. They will come out again when the conditions are right. Incidentally, they feed on trees, in your case probably on the roots, so expect the tree close by not to thrive...

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