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Brown Frozen Mushroom


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I forget where I found this mushroom but it is a browny colour and in the photos you can see that it has a ring and it has soft scales on the cap. Also I got some shots of the base so I hope that helps! Can any one help me identify it?

Sorry the photos aren't embedded.






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These look like the same ones that you photographed in the golf course grass, probably Chlorophyllum rhacodes. To verify, check the spore print (white) and cut through the base of the stem; it should immediately stain red or pink.

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Yes, the splitters have been at it, and the mushroom that I learned as Chlorophyllum rhacodes has been reclassified as C. olivieri or C. brunnei. The former seems to fit your specimens better than the latter; BC has both species, apparently. Since the name change doesn't have any impact on the culinary value of the mushrooms, I haven't paid much attention to it; but I suppose, for the sake of accuracy, that I should try to remember the new names.

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Lumpers and splitters refer to taxonomists who take different views of the definition of a species. Basically, the lumpers take a broad view, looking for major differences to separate one species from another, while the splitters take a narrower view, using relatively minor differences for differentiating species. These terms are also applied to other disciplines that require classification of objects. Look up "lumpers and splitters" in Wikipedia for a more detailed explanation.

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