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Bolete type, red-brown dry cap, yellow tiny pores, temporary blue staining


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Sorry no pic, the mushroom wasn't in brilliant shape as something had taken a few bites out of it and there was only the one. Something in the general bolete family - huge thick stem that was almost bulbous, tiny and very tight yellow pores, non viscid reddish-brown cap, yellow-white stem and flesh. It slowly stained blue on being bruised (over about 30-40 seconds) and the blue color faded entirely in 5-10 minutes.

Location was mixed hardwood stand, mostly white oak, in Raleigh NC.

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Edible: Boletus bicolor types, B. subglabripes. Inedible: B. sensibils, B. pseudosensibilis, B. miniato-pallescens, B. pallidoroseus, B. miniato-pallescens, Other species with southern NA distribution I don't know very well.

B. campestris, B. rubellus, and B. fraternus are a few types that fit much of what is reported, except these are small slender types.

Really need photos just to get started.

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