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Under the lemon tree

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Looks like a species in the Coprinellus micaceus group. It is believed there are two species that most commonly represent this group, C. micaceus and C. truncorum, although it may turn out these two names refer to the same species. The mushrooms in this group begin life with tiny glistening flakes on the caps ("mica" flakes).  Rain or other erosion may wash most of all of the flakes off the caps. During humid conditions these mushrooms deliquesce, meaning they dissolve into a black inky substance. But, it the weather is dry, they may just dry out in-situ. "Mica Caps" generally fruit in clustered groups on or near wood (ie. roots, trees, stumps).   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coprinellus_micaceus

Genera Coprinellus and Coprinopsis include some similar-looking species. For the latter, some cause illness if consumed prior, during, or after alcohol is also consumed. 

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