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I am about to try growing mushrooms for the first time. I ordered a syringe of mycelium which arrived just fine. I then ordered from a different supplier a spawn bag of grain and 2 bags of substrate mix from an Ontario website called "Fungiforyou". Their only payment method is email transfer, so I sent $91 to  liam@fungiforyou.ca on Dec 7/2023. I received a confirmation and order number and everything looked legitimate. On Dec 19/23 I asked for a waybill and shipper info but received no response. On Dec 21/23 I repeated my request, also stateing that I hoped their website isn't a scam. Kenny Amaya responded that day, saying that their site is not a scam, they have been busy and my order will be shipped out on Dec 22/23 in the morning. On dec 28/23 and Jan 9/24 I again asked for shipping info, with no response both times. On Jan 17/24 I asked for a refund if they hadn't shipped yet or shipping info if they had already shipped, but again no response. Jan 23/24 I emailed "kenny@fungiforyou.ca" stating refund my money today or I will report you to the authorities, but again no response. Jan 25/24 I sent the following message to liam@fungiforyou.ca; "December 7/23 this order was placed and you received my $91. On Dec 21/23 Kenny Amaya emailed that it would be sent out Dec 22/23. I have not received it and Kenny Amaya has not returned my messages since then. I can not wait any longer so could you please refund my $91.   Thank you". Again, no response since Dec 21/23. 

  It would appear that  Fungiforyou   is a scam.

 Has anyone had any dealings with these people?   thanks 

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Sorry to hear this.

The only Canadian company I have dealt with is Grow Mushrooms Canada. They are based on Vancouver Island. Always had good service from them.



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