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Mycelium growth continues?


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Got a hypothetical question...

If I grow mycelium in an indoor kit and then replant it somewhere outside, will that mycelium continue to grow and expand or does it die off?

If it continues to grow... will it potentially produce out in the wild in the future (assuming optimal conditions)?

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It will grow outside if the environment and temperature are suitable.  Transplanting the mycelium in an indoor kit is no different than planting the various types of spawn available for starting mushroom beds or logs.  It probably will not work as well as the commercial spawn because the density of the hyphae in the spawn is a lot higher than the density in transplanted mycelium.

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A friend harvested Oyster mushrooms after putting spent spawn of a table top kit into an out door bed of Aspen wood chips and leave mulch. But it was not a huge harvest.

My attempts with Pioppino and Chestnut Pholiota have all failed

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