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Pale Brittlestem or Field Cap or Something Else?

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I just checked to see what is meant by "pale brittlestem." Good thing that the internet makes these "common" names so accessible. Apparently,  yes these are pale brittlestems, aka. Candolleomyces candolleanus (formerly Psathyrella candolleana). Okay, given the number of keystrokes required for these scientific names, I can understand the popularity of the common alternatives 🙂  In the case of the mushrooms seen here, both the caps and stems are much more fragile than the typical Agaricus mushroom. The cap color is kinda honey-yellow and lustrous. When these caps dry out the color fades and in this state they look even more like Agaricus. Both Agaricus and Candolleomyces have dark brown spore prints. Most (not all) species of Agaricus have a pink stage of gill development. A few species of Psathyrella have gills that may be pinkish (eg. P. conissans), but these types generally grow clustered on wood in forest settings and the texture is typically fragile. Agaricus is a very large genus (so is Pstahyrella + allied genera), and some Agaricus mushrooms are toxic (not deadly but causing very unpleasant reactions). 

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