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Is it boletus ?


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These mushrooms represent a species of genus Leccinum. Note the dark raised dots on the stalks. If you view this ornamentation with a hand lens, you will see that these raised dots are actually amalgamations of tiny hairs. This type of ornamentation is called "scabers", and for this reason fruit bodies of species of Leccinum are commonly called "scaber stalk boletes." 

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Yana, old guide book from North America all say Red capped Leccinums are edible.

But now some folks have reported GI upsets from red cap Leccinums. That includes Kuo who says he personally was affected. But many others like myself have never had any problems eating red (or brown) capped Leccinums.

Also you are asking from a European perspective which makes it unwise to follow North American recommendations. There are many mushrooms that morphologically look the same in North America and Europe and yet are different species by DNA probing.

Strongly suggest you consult a north European expert source before eating those.

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I eat them with no ill effects, as does my entire family, for generations.  We collect them by the bucketfuls.  For what it’s worth, I developed a reaction to morels a few years ago.  I’ve eaten them for years prior and now I cannot even eat the smallest one without having a vicious reaction. 

Try them out, in small amounts and go from there.  As with any new mushroom.

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