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What is it?

Jackie P

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Those mushrooms do indeed represent a species of Armillaria ("Honey Mushrooms"). Some people are sensitive/allergic to Armillaria and experience unpleasant indigestion, especially when they are consumed without first being well-cooked. In my local area (NE PA) Armillaria are very popular. Most people par-boil them before preparing as part of a meal. Some people don't like them because they tend to cook up somewhat slimy. A long/slow saute post-par-boil helps to reduce the slime. Including in a preparation like stroganoff helps to mask this texture. 

Armillaria tends to grow in large clusters. When gathering them, care should taken to avoid the mistake of including a different type of mushroom. Some species of Pholiota have a similar appearance and also grow in clusters. Armillaria have white spore print. Pholiota have brown spore print and are not recommended for eating. Another species with similar appearance is Leucopholiota decorosa. These have white spore print. It is recommended that you at least familiarize themselves with these similar inedible types.



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