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ID help please. Found a dark orange mushroom in Texas

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Good day all!

I found an orange mushroom 5 feet from the base of a live oak in the Corpus Christi, Texas area. It was emerging from leaf litter in a damp area of forest 6 days ago. Just curious about identity. Thank you for any help you may be. Have a great day! 




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A species representing a genus housed in the Boletaceae, ie. a "bolete." Basically, this means it's a mushroom with pores instead of gills on the underside. The species of southern NA are somewhat different from those I see up here in PA. My guess is this one represents a species of either Hortiboletus or Xerocomellus. But, there are also a  number of reddish/yellow blue-staining ones that are currently housed within genus Boletus but will eventually need to be moved when a suitable alternate genus is determined. 

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Thank you Dave! I appreciate your rsponse! I'll check them out.


Dave, after researching the two species, I believe I have the Hortiboletus species. I appreciate the help! 

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