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Ink Caps

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Looks like Mica Caps. An edible coprinoid species.

The pictured mushrooms are verging towards being too degenerate to eat. 

Similar to many I have eaten, they are hard to keep clean because of their size and habitat. Picking a day or two earlier and there would not be the degenerate ink cap effect. When they are in better condition,  they clean up fast in a bowl of water, shake dry and fry in butter, whole, not chopped.

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I agree these are probably a species of Coprinellus section Micaceus (Mica Caps). But, given that they have advanced well beyond maturity, it's difficult to suggest an ID with high confidence. 

"Ink Cap Mushrooms" include Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Manes which yours are not), Coprinopsis, Coprinellus, Tulosesus, and to some extent Parasola. The last three genera mentioned do not always deliquesce (dissolve into "ink"), but are apt to so so during damp/rainy weather. 

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