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Help identify this mushroom please.I think it is an ink cap.


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I believe these are ink caps. The older ones are curling upwards and slimy black. They were found in south Texas (Corpus Christi area) at a spot we had cleared fence rows a few years ago with a bulldozer. Just hoping someone familiar with ink caps could confirm. Thanks! 




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I think these are a species of Coprinopsis, probably C. variegata  http://www.mushroomexpert.com/coprinopsis_variegata.html . Note how the caps feature flattened scales/patches as opposed to the tiny grains one usually sees on Coprinellus micaceus. Mushrooms of Coprinopsis variegata often show a ring on the stalk. But, the ring sometimes attaches at the base of the stalk as seen in some of the photos (pictures 13-18 and 25-30) at Mycoquebec   https://www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?trie=C&l=l&nom=Coprinopsis variegata / Coprin écailleux&tag=Coprinopsis variegata&gro=33 . 

Some species of genus Coprinopsis cause illness if consumed before, during, or after one also consumes alcohol. This reaction is mostly associated with the species Coprinopsis atramentaria, and the mushrooms being discussed here are not this species. However, it is recommended that you don't eat any species of Coprinopsis mushrooms if you consume alcohol within 5 days of eating the mushrooms. 

The common name "inky caps" is often applied to species of genus Coprinopsis or genus Coprinus. But, Coprinellus mushrooms also sometimes dissolve into a black gooey/liquid substance, and as such are also sometimes called inky caps. Older field guides lump together all these species into genus Coprinus. 

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