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yellow morel?

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Hi, I'm new to mushrooms and trying to learn... Today l spotted these guys at a recently planted office space, these look like yellow morels? Completely hollow on the inside







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The look and habitat suggest the saprobic species Morchella rufobrunnea. This species is a fairly common "mulch morel" found in California and Mexico (and probably other places in SW NA). It seems late in the season for this species. It's said to be found mainly during winter or early spring. 

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Thank you! Very helpful information, I see that these M. Rufobrunnea are edible, would these be ok for tissue culture? I have a trip coming, do you know if I could harvest some of these, store in the freezer and try to reproduce these when I come back;(~1.5months)?

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No idea on how to cultivate this species. But, M. rufobrunnea has been cultivated. You should be a able to collect spores by simply laying a fruit body on a surface that may easily be brushed off once spores fall. The spore drop should look kinda cloudy. Wikipedia lists one species in addition to M. rufobrunnea in section Rufobrunnea. 

Any true morel collected from an environment that is not contaminated is edible when well-cooked. They should be salted while cooking to bring out the flavor. The best way to preserve morels for future use is by dehydrating. Completely dehydrated morels should be brittle, not at all flexible. The dried mushrooms may be stored inside air-tight jars in a cool dry spot inside your home. Rehydrate dried morels in water, stock, coconut milk, or some other liquid and use them to make a soup, sauce, risotto, or other tasty dish. Do not discard the rehydrating liquid. Use it to enhance the sauce, risotto, etc. If the morels are dirty prior to rehydration, then either allow the liquid to settle so that the sediment may be discarded along with a very small portion of liquid, or filter the liquid with cheese cloth. 

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Wow great information Dave, cooking tips and everything! Thank you so much for taking the time!

I was able to take a print and will try spore cultivation when I get back, I'm planning on building a small simple/cheap laminar flow "station" and a small tent to grow... Just trying to learn using the mushroom cultivator book and on-line information.

Have a nice day!


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