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Making more spawn out of spawn

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 I have a question for experienced gourmet mushroom growers. I recently bought and received some blue oyster and lions mane sawdust spawned fruiting blocks from Northspore and wanted to make more spawn from them to make more fruiting blocks if possible.  Is there a process that could make this a possibility?  I have a pressure cooker if needed. All comments and advice are greatly appreciated!


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I’d soak grain (rye, wheat, millet) overnight, stirring occasionally and removing the stuff that floats to the top.  The next day, cook the grain, bringing it to almost a boil, then removing it from heat.  This increases its water holding capacity.  Drain away the excess water.  To do this I put several towels on a glass top table and cover them from landscaping fabric, then pouring out the grain on it.  Load into grow bags, fold them shut, making sure the .2 micron patch is folded inwards. Rubber band them shut and pressure cook for two hours each, putting the folded side up and keeping the water level under the fold. Let cool and inoculate as sanitary as you can.

Easier way would just build masters mix bags.  For each grow bag, put in one pound hardwood pellets and one pound soy hull. Add three pounds of water.   Pressure cook as described above.  

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