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I *think* I can guess what "golden teacher" is. But, you will need to provide a name that I am familiar with, preferably a genus + species. However, don't expect a confident ID proposal. Wild mushrooms can be difficult to ID, let alone ones that are dehydrated. 

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I know it's discouraged to talk about psychoactive mushrooms on this forum beyond just an ID purpose. However after seeing a plethora of dried psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in my day I would say that's what you have there. I'm 100% confident in my ID though I'm sure many would say that's not of the correct way to approach a sample as in the pic you posted. As general mushroom procedure is concerned don't eat anything you cannot confidently ID. Best to be on the side of caution nonetheless. It cannot ever hurt you if you don't eat them.

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Could this be Psilocybe cubensis? Yes. But, the lack of blue staining, the lack of a ring on the stalk (which may have been present by fell off), and the small size of the cap in relation to the length of the stalk (which may be partly a result of dehydration) are reasons to question this proposal. Based upon seeing only these photos and having no other info, how does one eliminate this https://www.mushrooms.su/en/hypholoma_elongatum.htm ? Actually, Hypholoma elongatum --or a few other similar Hypholoma species-- looks like a potential fit. Leratiomyces percevalii and L. riparius also look like possibilities. The types mentioned all have dark purple-brown spores. 

When I am asked to suggest an ID for someone whom I suspect wants to consume the mushroom being considered (for whatever reason), I err on the side of caution. Or, I may just refrain from suggesting an ID (unless more info becomes available). In the case of this observation, I wanted to avoid making a suggestion that ultimately led to someone consuming this mushroom. So, I did not mention genus Psilocybe, which is a possibility here. 

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