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How to Identify Mushrooms names

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When folks who hate mushrooms see one in the forest, they can simply hike in the other direction. But when people who hate mushrooms see one growing in their lawns, a deep anger emerges that, in many cases, only subsides when they kick or chemically exterminate the peaceful mushrooms from the grass.

It’s time to look at a mushroom in the grass not as a threat but as an opportunity. Lawns and gardens offer you a place to overcome your fear of fungus.

The first step to shedding mycophobia is to learn how to identify mushrooms. Once you get going, you’ll soon be identifying mushrooms just like you can identify broccoli in the supermarket or your uncle in New York. Mushrooms emerging from the lawn will look like old friends. It just takes a little time and patience.

The best way to start is to set a goal of learning to identify a half dozen mushrooms in your first season. This avoids the problem of being overwhelmed and discouraged by all the weird mushroom characteristics and impossible-to-pronounce-and-remember Latin names. Start slow and add to your knowledge base each year.

How to Find Mushrooms

Your first bold move toward identifying mushrooms is to find them. Equip yourself with a pocket knife, a sack or backpack, and a roll of wax paper for wrapping specimens.  Walk, ride your bike (our preferred method), or--if you must--drive your car around the neighborhood and see what you find webshop.


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