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Delicate cluster of taupe, up to 10 cm bodies, wavy, gold somewhat decurrent then adnate. Spore print pending.


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I found this delicate cluster a block from the Hilo, Hawaii Yacht Club, ie close to the ocean, hau trees, at the entrance, dirt road, to a gated, mostly wilderness area. (Was Edith Kanakaole, now apparently Kamehameha School)  50-100 yards from the ocean. Spore print pending.PXL_20230227_023732987.thumb.jpg.f63d98c9ffb2781e07d00cc2f6325219.jpgPXL_20230227_023630755.thumb.jpg.3156279b6afea5608991edcc32dc901d.jpgPXL_20230227_023732987.thumb.jpg.f63d98c9ffb2781e07d00cc2f6325219.jpgPXL_20230227_023732987.thumb.jpg.f63d98c9ffb2781e07d00cc2f6325219.jpg



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Given the location --Hawaii-- these mushroom likely represent a species (or variety of a species) that I don't see here in northeast North America. But, they do remind me somewhat of Collybiopsis luxurians (formerly Marasmiellus luxurians, before that Gymnopus luxurinas). I would not call C. luxurians "delicate", but the caps can be somewhat brittle and may break apart fairly easily. The stalk of C. luxurians is fairly tenacious/fibrous. Here's a discussion of a similar-looking observation that originated in Australia  


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