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Mushroom ID needed

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I found these in late fall in Connecticut.  They are growing in wood chips.  Maybe around October November. They are still there right now in January, only they are a little more aged and weathered because the winter hit them.  Some caps are small about the size of a penny and some are larger the size of the palm of my hand.  They have that wavy cap.  I'm sorry, I didn't get a spore print when I took these pictures because I didn't think they were anything, but then It later hit me to post them up on here for some help with identification.  I'm not sure if I can get a spore print now because they are all soggy and half rotten. Can someone please help me out with what they might be?












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The photos are clear and focused, but they all show basically the same level of detail... caps of small brown mushrooms in-situ. I can also see a bit of detail of the undersides, enough to tell that these mushrooms have yellowish to pale brown gills. Need to see more detail, including spore print color. And even then it may be necessary to use a microscope to narrow down the ID.

Ideas...? I think these are a brown-spored type. Possibilities include Tubaria species, Galerina marginata (deadly poisonous if eaten), Kuehneromyces species, Pholiota species. 

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