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Help with white mushroom ID

J. King

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Very likely one of the eastern NA "Destroying Angel" species, all are deadly. The toxin destroys your liver, and also damages other organs. To be sure of the ID, it is desirable to see the entire stipe, including --most importantly-- the base. Destroying Angel mushrooms feature a sack-like basal volva. There are other types of Amanita mushrooms that are nearly or completely white. A. aestivalis has a basal bulb that lacks a sack and tends to vertically split into a "star" shape. Some species of section Roanokensis, Lepidella, and other former Lepidellas are white, but feature more prominent deposits on the cap surface and usually material that hangs from the margin of the cap (appendiculate deposits). A few species in section Vaginatae may produce white fruit bodies. These types have a striate (grooved) cap margin and lack partial veil (ie. no annulus on the stipe). Occasionally, a Destroying Angel may develop weather-induced short grooves along the cap margin. Amanita is a large challenging genus. 

Judging from the robust stature, the stipe with flaky scales, and the really starkly white color, my guess is the ones seen here are A. amerivirosa. A. bisporigera is similar, but usually with a more slender stature. There are a few other species of eastern NA DAs. 

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