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Looking for an ID for this mushroom

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I'd like to see the entire fruit body from a few different perspectives. For this one, the shape would be important. I'm guessing it's shaped kinda like a skull, with the lower part somewhat narrower than the upper 1/2-2/3. Judging from the green grass and clover I'd say this was probably photographed during late summer or early fall. There are two species that come to mind, Calvatia craniiformis http://www.mushroomexpert.com/calvatia_craniiformis.html or Calvatia cyathiformis   http://www.mushroomexpert.com/calvatia_cyathiformis.html Either of these forms fairly large skull-shaped "puffballs", and the outer surface may be either smooth or cracked like a mosaic pattern (like the one seen). But, like I began, seeing more detail is necessary for a more confident ID proposal.

If by "common earthball" you mean Sclerodeerma citrinum, then I think the answer is "no." Scleroderma species mostly grow in woodland settings. Judging from the visual comparison of this fruit with the surrounding clover, I think this is significantly larger than one would expect for a Scleroderma "earthball." 

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