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What kind of bolete are these?


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Found all 3 of these in the same area under pines coming up from the ground that was carpeted with pine needles. No real discoloration from bruising . found in Florida panhandle. Very large, one of the biggest Boletes that I have seen before.





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Any staining on the cut flesh? Or scratched gills? Does the flesh taste bitter? (It's okay to nibble/taste/spit flesh of any bolete.)

I'm guessing the answers to my questions are no, no, no. I think these may be Boletus pseudopinophilus. At least that's what I think is the current name for a SE NA porcini species that is found under pine. The stalks appear to be reticulate, ie with a threadlike network of ornamentation. In Europe the similar B. pinophilus is also found under pine. 

By "porcini" I mean a species of Boletus section Boletus. 

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