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Found in Texas


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I think more information would be needed in order to arrive at reasonable ID proposals for these mushrooms. Knowing the habitat, the spore print color, and probably some microscopic features would be desirable. I don't see any blue or green staining on these, so Hypholoma, Leratiomyces, or maybe Psathyrella seem like better candidates for the correct genus than does Psilocybe.

We don't typically don't discuss psychoactive fungi here on this website. You're better off using the online discussion board at Shroomery. But, here are a couple suggestions applicable to mushroom ID in general. Take photos outdoors in natural light, but neither in direct sunlight nor heavy shade. Indoor lighting, flash photography, or use of things like flashlights tends to alter color. Also, when harvesting mushrooms for the purpose of discussing ID, extract the entire fruit body from the substrate. Sometimes, seeing the base of the stalk is useful. 

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