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Cayman Chaterelles


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Welcome Caymanians

I am a Caymanian. We live in Little Cayman and Dunedin Fl. I just discovered Cayman Chanterelles in Littke Cayman after gorowing many varieties of shrooms in ARL for many years. I welcome discussions on success and failures in Cultivating Cayman Chanterelles. They seldom nature in Little Cayman and are abundant thus November rains. Please share what works and doesn’t work in Caymans. We live Chanterelles are excited. TDS



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Chanterelles (Cantharellus species) are mycorrhizal. The mushrooms grow from a fungus that associates with living trees. Unlike saprobic fungi that get their nutrients from decaying vegetable matter, Chanterelles probably cannot be cultivated. If you know a spot where they grow, then you may be able to encourage them to appear by watering a patch at a desirable time of year. But, I don't think it's possible to grow them from scratch. 

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