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Help IDing mushrooms clusters in southeast US


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Two suggestions for the ID here.

1. Possibly a species of genus Hebeloma. If correct spore print will be brown (probably a somewhat light shade of brown). Most Hebeloma mushrooms have small flaky scales on the upper stalk surface. I can't tell if this is the case here, the photos don't resolve quite well enough. Hebeloma is a large genus (lots of species), at least some are toxic. The most common Hebeloma species tend to smell like radish, but a few types have a sweet saccharine-like odor. 

2. If the spore print is white then these may be a species of Lyophyllum, probably something from the L. decastes species group. These type mushrooms grow in cluster, usually in open areas. The general appearance is quite variable within this species group. 

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