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I found several clumps of these around the bottom of a dead oak tree, and there were some clumps a few yards from the base of the tree. Size of the caps ranges from 1 inch to perhaps 4 inches.

Can anyone identify these? I believe they are ringless honey mushrooms, but I am very very new to this. I don’t want to eat something I’m not 100% sure about!






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Thank you everyone for the replies. Now that I looked more today, these are everywhere around me, but all seem to be in pretty much the same condition. Just so I’m clear, are they edible when they are this old (just not as tasty)? And to DShroomGuy, since you seem to live fairly close to me, do you know of any other mushrooms in this area that would look similar?



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These do look like ringles honeys. To confirm make spore print. Should be white. Look alike have dark spores. You can try some. Don't eat a lot for the first time. Some people do not digest honeys well. Parboiling usually recommended for honeys

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I agree with the suggestion "Ringless Honey Mushroom", ie. Desarmillaria caespitosa. These appear to be well past maturity and because of this probably not of very high edible quality. Some people are allergic to something in Honey Mushrooms (Armillaria/Desarmillaria). Par-boiling and/or thorough cooking is recommended. Try a small amount at first to see if they agree with you. 

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