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One of the common names for these mushrooms is "Late Fall Oysters", another is "Greenbacks." Scientific name is Sarcomyxa serotina. An old name is Panellus serotinus. These are not truly "Oyster Mushrooms", which are species placed into genus Pleurotus. S. serotina is edible, but IMO not as good as Pleurotus. They don't have a lot of flavor and sometimes cook up a but mushy. A member of the local mushroom club here in NE PA says that he dries Sarcomyxa and then rehydrates for use in soup. He says this improves the cooked texture. I haven't tried this, but I plan to. 

Mycoquebec says of the gills of S. serotina (via google translate), "... cream, ochraceous, orange to tawny..." 

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