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My favourite way to cook G. frondosa is to tear them apart in bite size or larger pieces. The drizzle with a bit of olive oil and a sprinkle of Kosher salt. Then grill in a BBQ Grill Pan. Stirring occasionally until obviously cooked and with just a wee bit of browning on the outer edges of the "leaflets".

This concentrates the flavour.

Then they can be mixed into a risotto. Or top a pizza. Or side dress grilled chicken beef or pork. Or grill larger peices and drizzle with aioli sauce for a snack. Or freeze for winter use if you have too much to eat right away (freeze after grilling)

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Stealth, your Grifola looks to be a bit past prime. When a Hen gets old it becomes somewhat tough, and then the best things to do with it are to include in recipes that call for liquid. Grifola is good in soups. I like it diced and added to linguine in clam sauce. 

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