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What causes mushrooms to abort and dry out?


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Hello fellow mushroom lovers.

I live in NJ and we are getting into the Grifola Frondosa season. I have been tracking a dozen spots since the last 3-4 years and they have been consistently producing fruiting bodies every year around this time. This year however, three spots did start out fruiting but then a couple of days later they started drying out. Now there is just a dry and immature body left. The others have not produced yet. All these spots are in different trees within a square mile.

Does anyone know what factors affect their growth and cause them to abort and dry out? Is it possible that the aborted sites would fruit again this season? 

Thank You.

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I also checked couple dozen spots after recent rain and found one hen. In a good shape but only one. One is better than nothing but all other spots do not have any signs of grow. I doubt that in your case dried spots will fruit again this year. I think mushroom has to form as tree bud, slow with lots of cell division cycles. If it started to grow and dried out there is no way to replace it in mid October 

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