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Pink gills.

bobby b

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The white spores without spines measured 6.82 x 4.56µ with the Q=1.5 , the apiculus visible. No partial veil, the gills attached, I didn't rub the gills to check for being waxy. Long cystidia with the basidia. I often get the microscopic names mixed up. Hygrocybe purpureofolia  or purpureofolius? Maybe. This was growing in the ridge area near Donegal PA, Linn Run State Park. So many mushrooms growing.

20220804_150123 (2).jpg



Basidiomycota 8 4 22 purple gills (2).jpg

Basidiomycota 8 4 22B purple gills (2).jpg

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Interesting. The spores without spines eliminates genus Laccaria, which would have been my first guess based upon general appearance. Champignons du Quebec says that Hygrocybe purpureofolia has no hymenial cystidia. So, the last photo above appears to eliminate this possibility. 

Maybe Mycena rutilantiformis...? If you have Melzer's then testing the spores for amyloidity would be a way to either support or eliminate this possibility.    https://www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?trie=M&l=l&nom=Mycena rutilantiformis / Mycène rutilant&tag=Mycena rutilantiformis&gro=28

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I think I dried it but I can't find it. It was mounted in melzers so if it is amyloid then only a weak reaction to it. ?? If it shows up I'll smash mount a small piece of gill in both KOH and then in melzers.  Dave I think you nailed. Thanks guys.

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