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Ganoderma australe?

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Hello, interested what you guys think of this? Was visibly bellowing spores whilst I observed it. Im Thinking Ganoderma australe or applanatum. Ice white underside may be etched with the gentlest of touch, turning dark, ? as seen.






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Here in eastern North America we have an "Artist's Conk" that we used to label Ganoderma applanatum. But, there's some doubt about this, as DNA has suggested that we have a different species here which is called G. megaloma. 

Online info indicates G. australe is common in the UK. I would also surmise that G. applanatum is found there, as it's a European species. So, which name applies here? Difficult to say. It looks like there are photos of several different fruitings. Might they include each of these species? My guess is that the only way to determine this is with a microscope. One source I found says G. applanatum has smaller spores than G. australe. 

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